Fishing event 2016 + a surprise!

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Fishing event 2016!!

Starting today, ends July the 1st

This year won’t be an exception to the rule! You don’t change a winning team so we decided to use the 4 following maps.
You’ll have to hit the down arrow when standing on a water hole in order to fish random things (such as consumables or even cheese!) and relic pieces. In order to finish a relic, you have to gather all 10 fragments of it. Each relic will give you 15 gold tickets (60 in total). More marvelous rewards will make you happy when finishing the event: titles, badges, orbs, tickets…!

Come fishing without hesitation, for there won’t be any traps this year, we promise! 😀

And then, there’s that…

From July the 1st to September the 2nd
Yes, you read well!

We are so gonna make an exclusive event! And it will last 2 months! Summer… the sea, warmth and holidays (or not)… Everything is complete to experience a magnificent summer season! After fishing comes another relaxing and satisfying activity (wait till you see the rewards…) But shhh, no rush. Trust us. You’re in good hands (green hands 😉 )

All aboard, buccaneers!

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Ready to go on your boat and brave the sea? What could possibily go wrong? Putting aside sharks, ennemies, mutinies and diseases? Nothing! Haha. Oh wait. What’s that in front of us?!

– “Captain Nemouse, captain Nemouse! We are heading straight through a tornado!!”

– “Be brave, mate! And praise the great Elisah for only her can save our pirate souls…”

– “Mummy!! I swear if I’m alive after this, I’ll quit being a pirate. That job is not worth it!”

Today and for the next 2 weeks, you’ll be a pirate. In a boat. In a tornado. How cool is that? Your aim will obviously be not to die. Because you know, tornados are deadly. And, no luck, here is one on your way! What are the odds? If you manage to stay on your boat during this event, spectacular treasures will be available!

A true pirate knows how to choose his friends. And what is a better friend than a parrot? Parrots can talk, so they can warn you about possible tornados by flying away to scout the way (well, he was sleeping in your cabin at that time, don’t blame him!)


Okay, so now we have the parrot. Awesome! Do we have more? Yes maybe!

Since you’re a true pirate, you gotta have a beard. But wait, not the neglicted beard all new pirates have. You’re not new. Hell, you’re the Lord of the Sea! And as it, you sure know how to braid. Mouth items are the best^^ But neck items are the bestest! Let’s summon a new one! Petals are red, flowers are blue, Pirate event is cool so Yarr to you!

BAM. The braid beard \o/

BAM(2). The flower necklace

As the Lord of the Sea, you like to show your victories. Your proudest moment was that time when you got abandoned by your crew on an island, then managed to ride a shark back to your boat, and absorb its powers. Well, you turned into a shark-mouse that suits your complexion so well, and from that time, no one would ever doubt your superiority. Well played, my Lord.

Here is your trophy, you earned it: __________________


That’s it for today, folks! What’s with that face?

New coin system !

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Mice cheese and speed lovers, 3, 2, 1 go! A new racing mode money (flags) will be introduced during Friday 1st Adventure at 2pm.You will be able to exchange it in a special shop in the village, against cool exclusive items !

Other specific coins will come, that you will be able to win only on Survivor, Bootcamp and Adventure mode, and for each reward, a unique shop where you will discover a lot of surprises ! This sytem will allow the most curious of all to go see what’s going on other modes, and the amateurs to brag about who’s the best !

Beware, brave mice, if you want to BE the best, you’ll have to prove your strength, reflexes and train hard !

See you in game.

P.S : Not an April fool’s joke 🙂

Dino Adventure!

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Hello, everymice!

This week is Dino Event! Mice hang out with dinosaurs because they wanted to build a time machine, and their wishes could not be more granted… or not!

On this exclusive map, you’ll have to bring back to the time machine as many gears as possible!

You will be able to :

– Earn Adventure tickets, of course 🙂
– Buy a Dino transformation against tickets!
– Buy an orb.
– Buy two new exclusive items.
– Exchange your tickets against a special title.
– Buy the Wind Fur in cheese only! (We’ll be adding more cheese-only furs in the future)

Here is the story that led to this Dino Adventure :

“Thoughts, flaming debates, fuming ideas. A time machine doesn’t construct itself in a jiffy! In the lab, mice are working hard. “We’re almost there!” shouted Mrkurt. Only the final touch missing. The Red Gear.

Elisah walked with insurance. The glowing artefact she held reflected its red colour on the mice faces, gathered in line as the priestess walked by. A sudden movement of one and Elisah dropped the object, which shattered in pieces just by the unfinished machine. A red liquid slipped into the circuits. Everymice to a safe place! But too late. They felt a powerful attraction, closed their eyes as their body were floating. Without landmarks, they fell on each others on a spongy ground. When they opened their eyes, they couldn’t believe it.

And yet, here they were, in Dinosaurs Era!

Let’s get to work, little mice. You have to bring back the gears in order to go home. Your priestess is counting on you!

P.S: Special thanks to Mrkurt, whose idea kept our attention and motivation to the highest!

Happy Birthday, Transformice!

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Happy Birthday, Transformice!

Our baby is six years old! Yeaaah, already! Time flies!

Six years with faithful, cute and awesome mice community. We wanted to celebrate it with you! Good idea, isn’t it?

Hence, we prepared a very special adventure for you 😀

This year, we asked ourselves this question: “What if every mice in the same room were shaman at the same time?”You know what? We’ll let you do the test, because it’s indeed possible!

On an exclusive map, created by Christouffe (our artist with golden hands), almost everyone will be shaman! “Almost” because only three or four mice won’t be. Don’t miss it!

Let your imagination flow and here we go for two minutes of non-stop laughs! But don’t forget to bring back your piece of cake (oops, of cheese).

We really want you guys to have fun in the happiest way, so don’t hesitate to post your screenshots on the forum!

Anniversary screenshots!

A new fur, new items, tickets and a consumable that shows your time spent on Transformice will be available… Waw. Yeah. We know.

We also want to thank you guys for your support and your growing desire to have fun and always create new things in our game! You have been, are and always will be a big source of inspiration for us, and this event is no exception to the rule.

Whatever the number of years/months spent on Transformice, we’re sure that you’ll laugh like crazy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again, little mice, and enjoy!

Every mice was kung-fu fighting!

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Hello, everymice!

Are you ready for the biggest adventure of your life? Over the next two weeks, you’ll be training to become the ultimate Ninja! In order to follow this golden path, your mentor has given you a heavy shell to carry, even more heavy than a slice of cheese! You won’t be able to jump very high. Thinking and helping each other will be your best allies!

If you finish your training, mighty rewards await you:

  • 2 items
  • 2 exclusive titles (we’re sure you’ll love those) \o/

It’s not over!

We would like to introduce you to two new currencies, please welcome:


  • The military plaque for Bootcamp 
  • The cannonball for Survivor 


They will unlock 2 exclusive orbs as well as 2 badges and, of course, more items to come!